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Please discuss the need for change and propose a solution.

employees felt that there was a racial bias toward people of color when hiring
for a management position within the corporate operations department. We
noticed that there was an issue when an employee pointed out the there was only
one black person in a management position. When two other manager positions
opened, employees of all races applied. I would say that there were three
employees that were black and 2 were white, the 2 white employees were hired.
This observation had been mentioned to leadership but they failed to address
it, instead leadership ignored the accusations. There have been letters written
to the HR department to address this issue but the turnaround time to address
those letters are still pending.

There are many diversity and inclusion programs that the company have employed and
they have been very valuable and beneficial to their employees. Still there are
more training topics that needs to applied to address issues that can arise
around racism. Building trusting relationships is very important and being able
to talk about racism amongst colleagues is a way to build that trust.

APA Format

~3 pages: Need for Change

the change that needs to take place and discuss internal and external forces that
represent obstacles to the change, supporting your opinion with appropriate
citations. Describe the various kinds of data you would need to gather to
confirm your diagnosis. What level of analysis (organization, group, or
individual job) should be applied to this situation?

(Incorporate objectives )

  1. Planned change theories, the purpose of diagnosis in OD, diagnostic models in OD, types of OD interventions that apply.
  2. Discuss the purpose of diagnosis in OD.
  3. Explain the role of diagnostic models in OD.
  4. Describe levels and types of OD interventions
  5. Discuss how contingencies related to the change situation affect the design of effective OD interventions.
  6. Explain how contingencies related to the target of change affect the design of effective OD interventions.
  7. Identify key elements of successful change management.
  8. Explore the processes of change associated with each element

~3-5 pages: Proposed Solution (Incorporate course objective 6)

Create recommendations for a proposed solution. What do you believe would be an effective intervention? What forces could be harnessed to promote the change? Who should be included in the solution’s implementation? What would be considered a success? What additional approaches could be considered? What steps would you take to implement the recommended solution. Be sure to present your findings objectively, without emotion.

(Incorporate objectives )

  1. Describe factors that may impact the success or failure of an OD intervention
  2. Describe the desired characteristics of the feedback process


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