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project and presentation

Locate Company or Corporation ERP software user. I chose Microsoft as a company for my project.

The report must contain the following information:

Background information on the corporation: what ERP software do they use; what tasks does the software do for them; how has this software (or has it) improved the profitability of the company? These are the general themes for the research paper. 50%

Prepare a slide presentation. you must have 8 – 12 slides with various layouts and presentation techniques.

Information that is taken directly from the annual report or any other source must be cited. You must not plagiarize the work of others.

The research paper is not to exceed 3 pages. However, be prepared with enough information to discuss your corporation in class.

The project presentation and slides are designed to articulate the results of your research in an oral and visual medium to document in a meaningful manner your conclusions on the company that you studied.

Here is a website offering many SAP choices. Remember, SAP is NOT the only ERP software out there.…

Examples of a research paper and power point presentation are attached.


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