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rel212 week 4 response p.y.

Please respond to this post agreeing/disagreeing/adding to in 5 sentences or more.

Wu Wei is a vital idea of Taoism and means characteristic activity, or as it were, activity that does not include battle or unreasonable exertion. Wu Wei is the development of a mental state in which our activities are easily in arrangement with the stream of life. To me, Wu Wei is tied in with knowing when exertion is fitting and when it’s squandered.

Here are some critical thinking questions that can be asked about or involving Wu Wei:

·How do we know what is Wu Wei and what is not?

·If I perform some action that appears on the surface to go against the natural way of things, how do we know that action wasn’t a part of that natural way?

·Who determines what is and is not Wu Wei?

·Is it possible for us to act in any way other than Wu Wei?

I don’t think that Wu Wei is relevant in today’s society because it is action that doesn’t involve the action of ego or exerting effort. I think that every action that a person that’s involves some form of ego to accomplish whatever goal intended. Things like achieving love and happiness involve ego because most people usually knows what it takes to make them so they won’t except anything less than what they expect for themselves. By doing this they are exerting effort toward a specific goal which goes against the principle of Wu Wei.

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