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Research proposal brainstorming – Wk 2 – WTG394- Discussion Question

Researched Proposal Brainstorming

 Actions for Researched Proposal Brainstorming

This discussion
gets you thinking about the final course project. This is an opportunity
for you to brainstorm ideas and get some input from your classmates and
from me to guide your thinking. Please review the final project
assignment in its entirety so you understand what is expected of you.
The full assignment is in the course syllabus. Here is the assignment in
abbreviated form:

You must choose a topic that
identifies a problem in your place of employment, neighborhood, church,
or community; you must then develop a solution to solve that problem;
finally, you will determine who the decision maker is who can act on
your proposal. The final submission of your project at the end of the
term will be a 2500-3000 word document that you will submit to outline
the problem, propose your solution, and recommend implementation of your
solution. You must include at least five sources to support your


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