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  • What did the CEOs identify as significant challenges facing their firms particularly with respect to competition, globalization, technology, and employee skill requirements.Discuss at least three (3).
  • What did the CEOs identify as strategies that would be needed to successfully meet the challenges you chose in Question I?Discuss at least three (3).
  • Overall, what were your primary takeaways from the panel discussion?Discuss at least two (2).


  • Microsoft Word.
  • 4-6 pages (not including title page, abstract page, and works cited page).
  • APA Format.
    • Title page.
    • Running head.
    • Abstract page.
    • Appropriate sub-headings.
    • In-text citations.
    • Works cited page.
  • Minimum of 3 references.
    • Video.
    • Shapiro Library.
    • Shapiro Library.


Derek Barka, Chief Technology Officer of Silvertech, a digital marketing agency redefining how businesses engage with and understand their customers.

Michael Davin, Retired Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Cynosure, Inc., following the acquisition of the Company by Hologic, Inc.

Tony Matos, Founder and CEO of Altos Marketing, an agency providing a broad set of digital marketing services to a highly diverse set of clients.

Linda Varrell, CEO and President of Broadreach Public Relations, a nationally accredited public relations expert and project manager.

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