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Week 1 Assignment A: Promote Webinar with Press Release

I need a Smore Flyer and a press release. I have attached my proposal from the past week as well as my client information. The instructions ask to post a direct link to the promotional post. If you give me the link, I will post it on my website. There are multiple resources linked in the attached instructions. Please let me know if you have any problems.

Week 1 Assignment A: Promote Webinar with Press Release

This week we’re covering:

There are so many effective promotional tools and techniques for promoting your event! This assignment will guide you in creating a promotional flyer for your event using Smore for your Webinar.

This week we will also begin work on your Pitch Proposal for your hypothetical event. This Pitch Proposal will be added as an Appendix to your Capstone Thesis Paper.

Here is a link to an excellent flyer:

Here are some other links to flyers that include all the “right” content, but may be redundant or the design is not the most engaging or “eye-catching”

Smore Flyer Student Examples:

Assignment Directions (there are TWO parts to this assignment, each worth 50%):

  1. Create a Smore Flyer to promote your Webinar event.
  2. Post the link to the event Flyer on your Website AND create a Press Release on your site (remember to hyperlink keywords to increase SEO!)

The Press Release must meet these requirements:

  1. The link to the completed Smore flyer to promote the event must be in your report.
  2. Include an interesting headline or title that specifies the topic
  3. Begin with a hook that captures attention and intrigues the audience such as:
    1. Relating the topic to a current event or news item
    2. Shocking or startling statistic
    3. An anecdote or story that illustrates the need to understand the topic
    4. Asking a question
    5. Using a quotation
  1. Explain the purpose and expected outcome of the Webinar
  2. Specify the topic, outline, and summarize the content
  3. Specify the date, time, and expected length of the webinar or event
  4. The introduction must also include one or two sentences that tell the reader who you are, why you are a valuable source of information specific to this topic, and what you bring to the table for this specific event
  5. Present the event or webinar as a newsworthy event or needed service that includes hyperlinks to original information sources, images, videos, or other multimedia elements that will be used in the event
  6. Tell a compelling story with a clear beginning, middle, and end
  7. End with a summary and ask for engagement, conversation, or a call-to-action that may ask questions, request feedback on alternative ideas, or present a call-to-action (this must include your contact information)


Submit a DIRECT LINK to your promotional post. NOTE: Links that are dead or broken will receive a zero. This must be a live link to your Press Release on your PR Website.


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  4. Digital PR Pitching Etiquette: 3 Critical Rules for Online Public Relations Outreach
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