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Women’s History


Actions for Essay 2 — THE JAZZ AGE

Your question for this essay is: The Jazz Age of the 1920s is often seen as the beginning of modern times, especially for young people. Young women’s skirt lengths rose, hair styles went from bun to bob, chaperones vanished as automobiles became more common, and dance clubs emerged in cities and large towns. These are just a few of the changes that shocked social standards. Explain the principal transitions that produced the so-called Jazz Age as well as the specific results of each transition as they affected women.

Begin by thinking. You’ve read the assignments that provide the answers. What information in those articles addresses this question? Focus on that information exclusively trying to avoid unrelated information that will not help you answer the question. Think about the question, itself, the issues it raises, and how you can answer it succinctly. Remember, the guidance bolded in the first paragraph. The point is the only thing that matters both for your essay and for your essay’s grade. I will be looking for the quality of your argument, the evidence you provide, and your particular interpretation of that evidence. Quantity doesn’t count. Imagination is not appropriate. Creativity steers you away from the point. So don’t waste your time and mine. Stay on point.

For more about developing an argumentative essay, go to “How to Write an Essay”. For information on citing the sources of that information as historians do, go to “Turabian on Chicago Style” in the same place. (See attachments!!!)

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