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2 pages for reflection paper + Answering 3 questions for discussion part

Please write each part in 2 different attachment

Part1: should write 2 pages. use book and article for question number 2


Is there ever a good reason to lie to your child? Is homicide ever justifiable? There are two questions to answer for this Reflection Paper. The first question is focused on the formation of your own personal ethics and beliefs. The second question is relating to your professional ethics.

Question 1 – Santa
Consider a belief or ideal that you held when you were a child but which you no longer hold. This belief may be as simple as believing in the tooth fairy or it may relate to cultural, religious, family, or societal ideals. Based on your knowledge of the valuing process, describe how you acquired this value as a child and how you came to let go of this belief.

Question 2 – Justifiable Homicide?

The story in the link below is listed as one of your online readings for this chapter. What is your personal reaction to the Dads actions? As a medical professional do you agree or disagree? How will you handle situations in which the patient wants to do something different than what is recommended or is known to be best practice?

part 2:

is discussion which has 3 question. 1 paragraph or 2 depends on question should be enough for each question.

Question 1: Is Plastic Surgery appropriate for a Two Month Old (Not a typo)

There was a story on the internet earlier about parents who took their two-month-old baby to see a plastic surgeon. Reaction? As a healthcare professional would you participate in performing such a procedure?

Question 2: When are you a Mandated Reporter?

Let’s assume you are a working for a healthcare clinic. You stop by the front desk and observe one of the parents in the waiting room spanking a three-year-old. Reaction? Do you tell them to stop? Are you required to report this to Child Protective Services? Should you report it? Please read the link below and discuss the role of a mandatory reporter in the above situation.,_Part_I/

Question 3: Medicaid and Medicare: Should they be required to pay?

Medicare and Medicaid pay providers for whatever services they deliver regardless if the services truly benefit the patient. This is done as long as the provider deems the procedure a medical necessity. Should an elderly patient be given an organ transplant? What about indefinite life support being given to a brain-dead patient? Should these insurers be required to pay for a procedure regardless of long-term payoff? Would your perspective change if the patient had private insurance instead of a government-sponsored plan? Reaction?

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