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analytical paper (The Transformation of America)

Analytical Paper #2: The Transformation of America

If the end of the nineteenth century witnessed dramatic transformations through rapid

industrialization, the rise of Jim Crow, American imperialism, and mass immigration, the first

quarter of the twentieth century was witness to equally dramatic transformations that were, in

large part, reactions to those late nineteenth century events. Progressivism in both social reform

and politics, World War I in its domestic moblizations of reimainging of the palce of the united

States in the world, and the postwar crackdown on radical politics and volatile economy made

for a drastically transformed nation.

In this manner, this paper asks you to analyze primary sources in order to address the

transformations of the period. You are to answer the following question: given the primary

sources you have read, what were two major transformations that occurred in the period between

roughly 1900 and 1929? How did those transformations occur? Like any work of history, this is

not going to be comprehensive – choose your two transformations that stretch between the

Progressive Era and the postwar 1920s and develop your argument through a reading of the

primary sources. Topics you might address are feminism, labor reform, the war, the great

migration, Harlem Renaissance, Jim Crow. Make sure you focus on reading and analyzing the

primary sources and effectively put them in context of information from lectures and text book.

Drawing on primary sources, lectures, and the textbook, you are to write an 800-1000 word. You

must use at least three primary sources; you may use more of them if you like. You must have at

least three quotes from the primary sources. The quotes should support your argument, providing

evidence for the claim you are making. You should not use block quotes. The paper must have

an introduction, body, and conclusion.

The paper should be 800-1000 words, double-spaced, 12-point font, with standard one inch


these are the primary sources that you should get the answer from 1-


transformations that occurred in the period 1900 and 1929 that I choose are feminism and Harlem Renaissance and try to write it in a simple words

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