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Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales

1.How does the conflict in “The Babylonian Creation Epic” reflect the geography of that region?

2. In a close reading, the tavern keeper, Siduri, urges Gilgamesh to persevere in his quest. What is her message, and does he succeed?

3, Explain the importance of the parable, and its relationship to the framed narrative and the Medieval era.

4. What two pieces of advice does the vizar give to his daughter in his telling of his two tales? How does the message in the “The Wife of Bath” tale offer a rationale for Dame Alice’s conduct in her relationship with her many husbands?

5. After we have read the excerpt from The Canterbury Tales, in a paragraph, first summarize briefly and then analyze the excerpt discussing the passage’s relevance in our world today.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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