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crju 280 week 3 response 1

need to respond to this in 300-400 words in APA format with at least 2 references

When answering this week’s discussion board post we need to remember that a national DNA database, is a database monitored by the government; to include DNA profiles of those that have committed a crime. In the US we already have something similar called the CODIS database, this was originally created as a place where the DNA of sex offenders could be placed, later on it was expanded to include criminal offenders. (Guardian 2009).

So the question for this week is whether or not the US should create a database that will expand this even further to include each and every citizen in the country. It’s interesting to read that Denmark keeps a blood sample of every citizen born after 1981 as a means to test for various diseases; and also as a means to conduct DNA tests as a proposed means of bettering crime fighting efforts. Because of this many believe that a DNA database with all of its citizens would be very important, however, there are those that oppose this because its borderline infringes one’s privacy rights. Also how much will it cost to maintain this type of extensive database. (Guardian 2009). It’s my opinion that very little information about someone is included within their DNA, however, one concern would be the potential risk of data abuse. (YG 2015). I do feel that if this becomes a means to help and reduce crime numbers then I am all for it. One example of why I think this could be a good thing, is what if an officer arrives at a crime scene and takes a DNA sample, when this sample is put into the national database and there is no match; imagine if we had samples from every citizen then the police would have a much easier time identifying the suspect. (YG 2015). Luke 12:2 says “For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known.” (Holy Bible).


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