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Cultural Analysis Essay — A Good Man is Hard to Find

Your PURPOSE for this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to critically analyze readings related to your literature course. As your primary FOCUS, you will use Flannery O’Connor’s “A Good Man Is Hard to Find”

Your AUDIENCE for this assignment is your classmates, your instructor, and other scholars.

Your BACKGROUND FOR WRITING: Cultural Literacy can be defined as the obtained knowledge of contributions and perspectives of different cultural groups including one’s own group. This knowledge is viewed as necessary for understanding and interpreting literature, artifacts, history and various forms of media. Professor E.D. Hirsch noted in 2009 that all American students need a body of “Core Knowledge” which would allow them to function as fully rounded citizens. In contrast, Donald Macedo argued in 2010 that students cannot be expected to understand the differences between their culture and any new cultures that they are experiencing if they are not taught about different cultures (intercultural literacy).

Your TASK: Taking into consideration the content of the story you choose and the various themes that have been covered in this literature course, analyze the story by comparing and/or contrasting two of the themes that were covered. Utilizing scholarly research, reflect upon and respond to how these two themes within the story serve as a guide to a better understanding of your academic, personal and social responsibilities in our global-intercultural society.

Your response should 1) critically analyze the reading AND 2) contain an informed evaluation.

* Consider how this reading expresses community values—social, political, cultural or religious—during this specific literary period.

* Consider the differences in forms or styles of expression based upon the particular historical period or region.

* Consider relationships between the reading and universal cultural values.

* Consider the ways in which this reading contributes to an understanding of intercultural issues.

Required MLA Format:

* approximately 1000 words in length (4 – 5 pages in length)

* double-spaced throughout

* twelve point Times New Roman font

* 1 inch margins

* 3 – 5 sources cited (within the paper AND on the Works Cited page)

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