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subject one

includes several relevant papers. Track down any two of those papers, read them and write a 250 word (max) summary.

this the articles

Saltvedt I, Opdahl Mo E-S, Fayers P, Kaasa S, Sletvold O. (2002). Reduced mortality in treating acutely sick, frail older patients in a geriatric evaluation and management unit. A prospective randomized trial. Journal of the American Geriatric Society, 50, 792-798

Thompson MP, Norris FH, Hanacek B. (1993). Age differences in the psychological consequences of Hurricane Hugo. Psychology and Aging, 8(4), 606-616.

subject two

Varney and Hirshon list seven general rationales for providing ED-based public health surveillance. Surveillance is a critical form of communication for public health officials. Choose a real public health outbreak, disaster, or crisis. Provide one example of how any of the concepts described in this paper were actually used to improve public health. Describe the intervention for your classmates. Cite your reference.

Shawn Varney, et al. Update on Public Health Surveillance in Emergency Departments. Public health surveillance in EDs.pdf

subject three

Review and answer PPT presentation and questions.

2. Through local and electronic research, identify the “responsible governmental agency” charged with protection / mitigation of a major, region wide hazardous materials release in your locale. Post the contact information, area (air/water/land/etc) of responsibility, and region of response. Write a brief report of that agency’s resources for preparedness, response, and mitigation and submit.

3. Research and review Project Bio-Shield. Provide a brief overview of the project, its purpose, and use in densely populated areas…

the references in APA style

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