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English Writing(quite long)

Plz use bullet point to create word documents. Thx

  • Week 2 Reflective Writing (Individual)
    • It is not a reflection for this particular assignment.The beginning of this should reflect specifically on the readings for this week.Then there should be a reflection on the start of your team work and the overall project. 
    • 1. Read sections 9. 1 – 9. 4 and 9 . 7 from Communication for Business Success.
    • 2. Read and watch the videos in Chapter 3 from Business Writing, which discusses written and oral communication in the professional realm.
    • 3. Read Chapter 4: Stage One:The Developing and Designing Process from Practice of Professional Consulting
    • Write a professional business letter, addressed to me,with a personal reflection.
    • In the letter, please respond to the following prompts:
    • After reading through the selections in Chapter 9 of Business Writing in Action and reading and watching the videos in Business Writing, what information provided will be beneficial to you in this course and in future business communication? Please quote or cite at least four different sections from the texts and/or videos.
    • How is your team collaborating thus far?
    • What are your thoughts about the course team project?
    • This letter should be professionally formatted, in multiple paragraphs, and should be 400-600 words long
    • Use the letter head file posted in the “Syllabus and Course Information” folder.Be sure to proofread and edit carefully.
  • Week 4 Individual Reflection and Progress Report
    • In this assignment, you are to write a report individually reflecting on the collaborative composition of the your team project and deliverables thus far, communications, and the client agreement.
    • Your reflection may address any aspect of the collaborative writing process that your team has participated in when making the formal client agreement. It is important to discuss what has worked out well so far, any challenges, and how you plan to meet (or have met) the challenges.
    • For example:
    • How did your team gather and share content for the client agreement and in house communication brief?Were you well organized? How equitably was the work divided?Was enough time put into editing? To what degree were your suggestions taken seriously?How accurately does the final product reflect your input?What would you have done differently if your teammates agreed?
    • Your reflection should be 500-750 words long. Proper spelling, sentence structure, and formal business writing are required. The reflection should be formatted as a business report/letter, addressed to the manager (me).
  • Mid Term Exam Assignment
    • For your mid-term, please research and present a formal report on three different types of presentation software.The goal is to determine a medium ideally suited for your final group oral presentation on your project deliverables. Please report on each option you consider, and then recommend one for your final presentation.
    • I am looking for you to do some quality research and for you to present at least one presentation medium that is new to you and innovative. For inspiration, re-watch the video Cartoon Video Business Communications.
    • Also, any proposal of products is considered more credible if there are reviews from previous users, either yourself and/or posted in credible research sources.
    • Lastly, present the medium that is most ideal for a group working virtually and presenting virtually to their client and manger. As a reminder, you will be presenting on the findings/deliverables first outlined in a formal report.
    • Considerations of each product for your report:
    • This should be professionally written and formatted, in an appropriate report format.Research should be properly cited with either MLA or APA.And be sure to carefully proofread and edit. While I am more interested in this being a business document, with quality information, I expect the reports should be about 450-700 words (not including the citations page.
    • You will be graded on the following elements:
      • Report design/layout of information (25)
      • Readability, flow (25)
      • Substance and thoroughness of information presented (25)
      • Sentence structure, word choice, grammar. spelling, and citations (25)
      • Due: Sunday at 11:59 pm EST
  • Discussion: Organizing an Effective Meeting
    • For your main post, report your research findings to your class on how to design effective meeting memos and/or write and report on effective meeting notes. Please attach the article and/or include links to the source(s) that have led you to these conclusions.
    • You main post should include a response to the following prompts, in addition to the report of your findings and suggestions:
    • Why did you choose this source and why is it a credible source?
    • What information did you learn that you will use in this project and in future professional collaborations?
    • Please create an initial 300-400 word post by Thursday at 11:59 pm EST and respond thoughtfully to at least two of your classmates by Sunday at 11:59pm EST.
    • This an opportunity to step outside of your group and to connect with colleagues who you haven’t been working with all term.
  • Planning your Oral Presentation
    • This discussion will be in your team thread.
    • A culminating assignment for this term will be an oral presentation that highlights the deliverables presented through a formal report. In your mid-term exam, you presented and analyzed three methods for presenting this project orally and online. Please use this space to discuss your findings with your team and to decide on one (or perhaps more than one) presentation tool. Be sure to support the presentation tool that you suggest with solid evidence and explain how and why it works for this particular project. If linking to additional sites helps your team members view your recommendation’s, do include links.
    • Please present the initial post of your proposal here by Thursday at 11:59 EST and then provide thorough and professional feedback on everyone’s initial post.
    • Please collaboratively decide on a tool(s) by Sunday at 11:59 EST and have one team member post a final thread with your team’s decision.
    • Your participation should be more than just agree to peers.I am expecting a main post and at least 2 replies to peers from everyone, as well as a final “team” post.


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