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Learning Management System Assignment

Objective: After the completion of this assignment, you will be able to describe the basic functionality of a leading learning management system (LMS) and describe its value and impact to an organization’s training function.

Background: With the bulk of corporate training activities now taking place online, the advancement of web-based LMS has been paramount to providing the integrative tools to both schedule, track, and administer such training.

Instructions: Conduct an internet search for “best-of-breed” learning management systems. Identify two and research each. In 1500 words, discuss the features of each and how you feel it can benefit the training function in your organization. What do you think is the future of LMS? Based on your experiences with LMS, what do you feel is lacking?

Deliverable: Submit your 1500 word paper.

Resource: (learning management system reviews):…

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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