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Using Gapminder World

Use the ‘select’ panel on the right hand side to choose your home country to focus on.

My country is Saudi Arabia$state$time$value=2018;&marker$select@$geo=sau&trailStartTime=1800;;;;&chart-type=bubbles

Analysing Your Country’s ‘Trail Of Development’

You will examine average life expectancy and income per person over time and address the following points:

  • Explain the importance of the Gapminder graph very carefully. “Life expectancy” appears on the vertical axis (y axis) and “Income per person” on the horizontal axis (x axis).
  • Define what Life Expectancy and Income per person mean (which requires defining “GDP per capita”).
  • Choose 3 periods where change happens (take screen shots).
  • Look at web sources to figure out causes for the changes. What possible conclusions can you draw?
  • What is the link between income and life expectancy? (think about why more money may improve health outcomes)
  • Can you see any evidence of the impact of Globalisation in your country’s trail of development?
  • During what time period does life expectancy (LE) change drastically?
  • During what time period does income per person (GDP) change drastically?
  • Use a minimum of 3 screen shots to highlight the significant changes you have identified.
  • Research historical events that may be likely reasons for these dramatic changes and that help explain your country’s trail of development.

Examine the data showing your country’s development since 1900.

  • Academic English component
  • This assignment aims to build your writing and online presentation skills. Your assignment will need to include written text components (between 700 to 800 words).
  • It is important that your written expression conveys ideas clearly. Your spelling and grammar needs to be correct, and vocabulary choice and expression appropriate.
  • References

Your assignment must contain a list of all the research references used for your project.
The list of references must follow the UTS Harvard Referencing Style Guide


You must submit a soft copy of your assignment to the TURNITIN link on the Tasks Folder.

Useful Research Links


Selection of material and use of Gapminder World.


Level of Understanding about Development and Globalisation


Quality of Research


Use of Academic English (Including Referencing)


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