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PJM410 MOD3 Discussion Post 250 Words

Please reply to the below post in at least 250 words


  • Chapter 8 in Project Risk Management: A Practical Implementation Approach
  • Chapter 11.3 in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK guide) (6th ed.)


  • Ference, S. B. (2015). Don’t let scope creep lead you out of bounds. Journal of Accountancy, 220(3), 18-19.
  • Williams, T. (2017). The nature of risks in complex projects. Project Management Journal, 48(4), 55-66. Retrieved from

Many project risks can be uncovered at the beginning stages of project
development, when the scope of the project is being defined. Scope risk,
which accounts for about one-third of all risks encountered in
projects, falls into three primary categories: scope creep, scope gap,
and scope dependencies. Describe each and discuss which form of scope
risk is the easiest to isolate and mitigate in a project and why? What
is a Black Swan and how can you prepare for these risks in projects?
Give an example.

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