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Research Paper Assignment :The digital renderings used by a contemporary artist

Research Topic: The digital renderings used by a contemporary artist.

Most of references should come from books or journals, at least 1/3 of reference should be from textbook content below:(See the file Paper requirement)

The most helpful one will be


Also need to refer to this link…

Research question: How digital rendering technology like Blender,3DMAX,sketchup influence photography and architecture.

This paper needs to be at least five full pages in length (the final paper due at the end of the semester needs to be at least ten). You should approach this paper as an opportunity to begin research, define a research question that is motivating your research and writing, and provide an opportunity to experiment with how you will answer that question. You should approach this paper as an opportunity to try out questions, topics, and begin to work out how you will make connections between those questions and topics.

Although it is expected that your paper might change significantly as your revise and expand it for the final research paper, this shorter paper needs to do the following:

1) Communicate an understanding of other scholarly approaches to your topic and how your approach relates. The sources you consult should be from books or journals. Few websites will provide enough of an argument to be helpful. But there are exceptions. Your paper should include a bibliography of sources you have consulted and footnotes.

2) Develop a clear research question that is driving your project.

3) Explain basic information about the subject.

4) Develop an analysis of the topic that suggests possible answers to your research question.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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