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RWS280 Essay 2 Revision

Revision needs ( Make sure to read carefully)

**These Are the requirements.

****The Essay needs more quotes from the articles to support claims*****

****Make sure there are no grammatical errors****

****I need qoutes from all the 3 sources used in the essay****

****The essay is Attached****

Essay 2: Joining The Conversation

The Prompt

For our second unit, we focus on gender stereotyping found in advertisements and texts that talk about whether or not some type of advertising restrictions in the U.S. are necessary or even realistic. For this paper, you will join the conversation on this topic, making an argument either for or against some sort of advertising restrictions in the United States. Your paper should:

  • Introduce the topic and discuss the general context for the texts we read for this unit (i.e. problems with current advertising, the proposal for advertising restrictions in the U.S., etc).
  • Briefly discuss the two argumentative articles we read—what are their main arguments?
  • Enter the conversation. Use the majority of your paper to make an argument about whether or not advertising restrictions would be helpful/doable in the United States, and explain your reasoning.
  • Support your arguments with one of the texts we read as a class and an outside text of your own. You are also required to use one advertising image to justify your argument.
  • Conclude by proposing what exactly the US should do next in terms of advertising (even if it’s nothing at all).


MLA format. This requires: Times New Roman size 12 font, double spacing, 1 inch margins, appropriate heading and page numbers, correct in-text citations, and a Works Cited page.

Here are two articles (cite all sources)

****At least one outside source that you will find on your own.*****

At least one advertising image that you will find on your own.

At least 5 full pages (this means to the bottom of the page), not including Works Cited page

Printed and stapled

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