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Watch a documentary about how social media affects women and answer the following questions

– Please watch the film from the link above and answer the questions below. Make sure you watched it and answer them appropriately. I will check the answer. Since I also watched this documentary.

Miss Representation Film Analysis

1. What surprised you most about the film? Provide me with three specific examples from the film to support your answer.

2. This documentary goes in depth about stereotypes of women from Hollywood films and television. Describe specific stereotypes of women in film with detailed examples indicating these stereotypes.

3. What does it mean to “be a man” in society?

4. Chapter 7 discusses the definition of popular culture. First, define it here. Second, tell me how those outside North America would define the cultural norms of men and women based off this documentary and its evidence of popular culture.

5. How does reality TV impact the cultural identity of women?

6. How much media do you (and your family) consume in a day & what is this media telling you about what it means to be a boy (man) or girl (woman)?

7. What is one step you can take to change the way media portrays women and girls?

8. How can we discuss issues raised in the film with the children in our lives?

9. As a community what can we do to change the way women and girls are portrayed throughout our culture?

10. What type of policy changes should we be encouraging at the state and national level?

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