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I would like you to respond to the 2 part documentary titled “The Facebook Dilemma.” In addition, I would like you to address/discuss the three articles that discuss Facebook and Twitter’s relationship with Coronavirus disinformation.

What are you taking away from the documentary? What aspects of the documentary stuck out to you? Which parts forced you to question ideas that you never previously questioned? Understanding that Facebook is now a social medium for a particular age demographic, yet still remains the world’s widely used platform, in your view what kind of power does it hold in shaping people’s ways of thinking and seeing the world, and more specifically, during our current state of affairs.………

Please remember to provide evidence in your initial posts and your replies and put the evidence in bold.

I need 5 bolded quotes in this discussion. 3 from the topics provided above. and two from any other source that supports the discussion.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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