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Creative Brief – Diabetes

Prepare and submit a creative brief (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (research paper, minimum 2000 words). This assignment is meant to assess whether you have met objectives to achieve MPH foundational competencies. You will submit a creative brief (research paper) with a minimum of 2000 words in length (excluding the title and the references section). It is important that you follow American Psychological Society Style (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. to format in text citations and references (bibliography). If you do not follow the APA style, your assignment will not be graded. It is desirable that you generate at least two table and two figure in your description of the problem and then use them in this report appropriately from your own research on the selected topic. Figure or table can be reproduced from published scientific articles when they add to the information, as long as there is clear citation/acknowledgment of the source and a description/explanation within the text. Grading rubric for the report is posted with the assignment instructions in the Assignment Dropbox on Blackboard. To promote academic honesty your creative brief assignment will be submitted as “Turnitin assignment” which will check for plagiarism.

  1. Description and background of the Problem: Describe the assigned topic to include, epidemiological aspect, data sources and its significance, environmental, biological and genetic determinants and any intervention by promotion or policy tools that has been implemented or should be implemented that relates to the topic. In addition to graphs (up to 2 graphs and 2 figures you can include the Worksheet and SWOT analysis developed in assignment 2 to elaborate on the description of the problem. You may address the following questions as a guide to develop the description:

a. What should be occurring? What is occurring?

b. Who is affected and to what degree?

c. What could happen if the problem isn’t addressed?

  1. You will Use health status indicators to answer the first 3 questions. Health status indicators are data on outcomes or their causes (e.g., smoking rates). Health status indicator data is made available by numerous organizations. See list of organizations. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.Determine which of these can change as a result of programmatic action? (e.g., a social marketing program can’t eliminate genetic risk factors).
  2. Target Audience: Based on the discussion board in assignment 2, describe the person/place and people that you want to reach with your communication. What do they value? How do they see themselves? What are their aspirations? Include a primary and secondary influencer audience if appropriate.
  3. Objectives: What do you want your target audiences to think, feel, or do after experiencing the communication?
  4. Challenges: What beliefs, cultural practices, pressure, misinformation, biological, environmental factors etc. stand between your audience and the desired behavior?
  5. Key prevention/mitigation message: Select one single benefit that will outweigh the obstacle in the mind of your target audience. Suggested format: If I (desired behavior) then (immediate benefit)
  6. Support Statements: This is the substantiation for the key promise; i.e. the reasons why the prevention plan may work. Often this will begin with a ‘because’. Any bibliography/reference that used similar plan that worked.
  7. Tone: What feeling should your communication have? Should it be authoritative, humorous, emotional, etc.?
  8. Communication Channels: What channels will you employ for the communication? TV, Radio, Print ads, point of purchase materials, promotional giveaways, earned media (PR) etc.
  9. Openings: What opportunities (times and places) exist for reaching your audience? When is your audience most open to getting your message? Examples: World AIDS day, Mother’s day, etc.
  10. Creative Communication Considerations: Any other critical information for the writers and designers? Will the communication be in more than one language or dialect? Should it be tailored to a low literate audience? Etc.
  11. Bibliography in APA format.

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