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final essay- About public educational system in California

My Course Project In a well organized and well written (at least) ten page paper, with APA citations, you will show research and make an argument in response to one of the following four questions about California state and local government policy. You MUST have all 4 parts in this order:

APA title Page info (no author’s note)

APA abstract (3rd person, 1 paragraph)

Body of Paper using APA citation format (MORE than 2500 words – ten pages)

APA abstract (alphabetical by author’s last name)


How can we improve some aspect of the public educational system in California? Be specific. What is ONE (1) proposal to “fix” some small area or issue within the state’s education system? Make an argument for a specific educational policy change that will help improve some specific aspect of our state’s educational system. Of course you should use other’s ideas, just cite them properly. Be specific. Be Bold. But Be Realistic

My thesis

The problem with the public education system is serious. California’s graduation rate is very low and equity is poor due to the gap between rich and poor. College enrollment rates in good areas are relatively high and teachers are of poor quality. The system for training educators is poor, so I think we should fix it. California needs teachers to be very easy to test, to be qualified, to be a bit rigorous, and to require the quality of educators.

To summarize the solution of my thesis, a qualitative education of teachers is needed to improve the quality of teachers. The importance, necessity, and institutional mechanisms to manage these are necessary for student-teacher relationships.



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The thesis that I think is the same above, but it doesn’t matter if you change it. I think my thoughts are too light. I found the refernces. If you want it, use it.

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