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Local company (Mazoon) expands into national markets in China, India and Brazil

Write a report about local company in Sultanate of Oman “Mazoon Dairy Company SAOC”. Consider that the management of company (the Client) want to expand their operation in other countries like China, India and Brazil. You have been assigned to provide consultancy for the expansion. They would like you to develop:

• Investigate the problems, challenges and requirements as presented by the Client.

• You need to interview at least 2 to 4 managers of the company, get their views, and write down their views/thoughts in the relevant sections of the report. At the end of the report you MUST give brief profile the interviewed managers with their contact details.

• As per requirements of your Client analyze and research information to help your Client achieve their goals.

• The report must be “professional” as if you are presenting to senior management, not as a casual essay or submission.

• Use charts and graphs wherever possible, but explain them.


1. Choose one international market to enter i.e. China, India, Brazil.

2. Conduct a SWOT analysis on the Client.

3. Conduct a PEST Analysis on the international market you have chosen to enter. Identify market conditions, barriers and trends for your client, present in a table format.

4. Conduct interview with managers

5. What mode of entry should be used to enter your chosen international market? Why have you chosen this method? Explain advantages and disadvantages.

6. Develop a strategic alliance plan for the company (if any). What type of strategic alliance would you go for, with who, and why? (Highlighting benefits and challenges)

Link to Mazoon Dairy Company website:

*** Words count = 3000 words.

*** In-Text citations and References using APA style.

*** I have written link website link for the company.

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