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Paragraph 1

Please write a paragraph responding to the discussion bellow. Add citations and references in alphabetical order.

Perhaps the most likely factor in causing conflict is the feeling of inequity, in this case, in the decision-making process. There will likely be much emotion regarding the fact that decisions affecting front-line care did not involve front-line workers. In most situations the best outcomes will be achieved if the parties involved in the problem work together towards a resolution in a collaborative way. The nurse leader can hopefully improve this by collecting constructive criticism about the new changes and offering solutions, which can be passed on formally to individuals who are influential in policy-making.

Depending on the nature of the reorganization, perceived inequity in compensation, in work hours, etc. may also cause conflict, which can be resolved in much the same manner. The goal is to work towards a resolution that allows everyone to get what he or she needs, rather than trying to win or defeat the other person.


Marshall, P. (2006). Conflict resolution: What nurses need to know. Retrieved from…

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