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Assignment 1. – Parenting

Please write a one-page essay (single-spaced) about an event or pattern of parenting in your family and contrast that with another event or pattern in the previous generation of your family. By parenting I mean what happened, how your parent or parents responded, what you or they thought was important in that event or pattern, your family’s policies and how they influenced you, and how you reacted to their parenting. I hope your essay will reflect the type of family and family life you came from or the way you are raising your own children today.

Important note: If your family history is too painful to write about, you may interview a friend and write about their parenting and the parenting they received from their own parents

Oops! Another note. Please do NOT figure out and discuss the type of parenting you write about. That is next week’s task. Thanks!

This is a compare and contrast essay, meaning you should begin by describing an incident that is an example of how your parents raised you. Then, please describe an incident that shows the kind of parenting one of your parents or grandparents had. Next, please discuss the similarities and differences. Finally, reflect on these differences and offer your opinion about those differences.

Assignment 2: Identifying and Describing a Parenting Style

Source: Parenting children

Chart on Parenting Styles: We have a two-page handout (Diana Baumrind’s chart on parenting styles attached below.

Here is information to go with the chart: You need this additional information to go with the Baumrind chart:

The following definitions sketch out some interesting ideas about parenting styles.

But first, a caveat (a warning): Findings from this research conducted in 1967, 1971 and later are limited to English-speaking white students and their families. These findings do a poorer job of predicting academic performance of other ethnic groups, and especially poorly in predicting the performance in school of children of inner city, dangerous neighborhoods and children of Asian families. As other kinds of developmental psychological findings do, these are “in focus” for the white middle class children and less useful in predicting outcomes for other groups.

Not on the Baumrind chart: Traditional Parenting:

This style of parenting resembles Authoritarian (cold, demanding, harsh) parenting, but is balanced by warmth and affection. This type of parenting is often found with grandparents or with immigrants who have recently come to the United States.

An additional parenting styles chart:

There is an additional parenting styles chart that may help you with additional information Five Parenting Styles”

Taking into account cultural differences:

Please remind yourself to take cultural, SES, and neighborhood differences into account in evaluating parenting styles. Parents have different parenting styles when they are raising a child in a dangerous neighborhood. African-American parents have to prepare their children to face discrimination and racial profiling.

The Assignment:

Please select one of your classmates’ essays on parenting and write a reflection on the each of the types (there might be more than one) of parenting illustrated in that essay. At the start of your paper, please identify the number of the essay you will be analyzing! Helpful hint: Some essays do not show us how the classmate was disciplined or much about how parents interacted with the classmate. If the essay you hope to use doesn’t contain enough information for finding out what parenting style or styles were used, then move on to another classmate’s essay. Some contain plenty of information for determining parenting style.——-I will be providing the Essay as soon as it is posted

Please explain why you feel the essay you chose demonstrates the type or types of parenting you chose.

To strengthen your argument, search for and read one article from the web and one from the UMUC scholarly databases. These articles should add to your knowledge about the type of parenting you chose to study.

Your assignment is to discuss the information in the classmate’s essay and the further information you found on the web or in the school databases. This assignment should be around one page or two pages, single-spaced. Please explain what you found that increased your knowledge about this particular type of parenting.

You should cite your references in a little reference list at the end of your brief essay APA style but I am very seriously interested that you use quotation marks and write down your sources.

Please remember to use quotations if you copy something from a source.

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