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read the five articles and answer the question with the format I gave you

1. Title and Number of the Article

Example: article 18 “Arranging a Marriage in India”

2. State the Main Point of the Article:

Example: The main point of this article is that in India marriages are not based on love, but are arranged by the parents to ensure stability and the well-being of the whole family. (Be specific, precise, and to the point.)

3. List three important facts that the author uses to support the main idea. Please note: Your fact statement must be followed by a specific example from the article. If you are stating that Americans and Mexicans have different communication systems, you need to endorse it and say: for example, most Mexicans speak Spanish; but most Americans speak English.

Facts must be statements in the article based on research and provide precise examples to support the main idea.


a. Sita, agrees with arranged marriages and thinks marriage is too important to be left to the decision of young and inexperienced sons or daughters such as herself.

b.Divorce in India is a scandal and Marriage binds two families and not just the bride and groom.

c. In one case a girl was not favored as a good candidate for marriage because she was “too educated” and considered too independent.

4.What information or ideas discussed in this article are also discussed in your textbook or other readings you have done or videos you have watched? List the textbook chapters and page numbers if your reference is a reading source.

There has five articles you have to answer.

Article #33 “Body Rituals Among the Nacirema” (Note: Nacirema is American Spelled backwards.)

use this source to answer the question 4 – video –

Article #34 “Why Can’t People Feed Themselves”

use this source to answer the question 4 – video –

Article #37 “The Price of Progress”

use this source to answer the question 4 – article –

Article #40 “We Are Going Underwater”

use this source to answer the question 4 -video –

Article #38 “ Last of Their Kind”

Please find one source (article or video) to answer the question 4

The format for the answer:

Article #5. The September 11 Effect on Anthropology

The article talks about that the 911 incident seriously affects the life of scholars and their way of choosing what field site and topic they like. The author shows some facts to support this idea:

1. The anthropologists of the Middle East describe their jobs as “a minefield” and “people who fall on the wrong side can suffer in their careers.”

2. Scholars are increasingly worried about losing access to field sites and control over the use of their work because they face more frequent invitations from government agencies.

3.Many anthropologists continue to shy away from Israel-Palestine. Some have moved toward studies of Islam, many whose research avoid Palestine.

The September 11 has a great impact across the globe. In an article How 9/11 Changed America it show a series the serious consequences of the September 11. This incident not only affect the U.S, but also the whole world. Many people were deported from the U.S., and thesurveillance state was mushrooming. It was a tragedy, and it affected so many people in theworld.

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