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Read the information and instructions for the research paper carefully.

Read the information and instructions for the research paper carefully. If you need help with topics, notify your instructor as soon as possible. You are not required to select a topic from the Topic Suggestions list but should have your topic approved by the instruction by the end of week 4. The paper is shorter than a typical graduate school paper specifically because of the annotated bibliography. Please read these instructions to understand how to do an annotated bibliography as it is a part of the grade.

Research Paper –

Current Events Paper

Your research assignment for this class will be to choose a staffing current events topic to research (topic suggestions below). There are three parts to the assignment:


  • The paper itself (not including the bibliography) should be 4-6, double-spaced pages, prepared in Word.
  • The topic must be directly related to a specific issue covered in the course material or related to selection or recruitment.
  • A list of suggested topics are provided (pre-approved) but you may choose another topic PROVIDED YOU GET APPROVAL NO LATER THAN WEEK 4 OF THE COURSE.
  • In addition to usual requirements for academic grammar and format, including use of the APA 6th edition, students will use appropriate terminology and syntax to produce work rivaling professional quality.


The paper will include an annotated bibliography with a minimum of 10 books, magazines and/or journal references on their topic.

  • At least half of the sources are to be no more than two years old. Emphasis must be placed on current events topics that directly the human resource staffing and recruiting function, so several references used should be dated within the last 18 months.
  • At least one reference must provide a theoretical framework to support key points made in the body of the paper.
  • Not more than two academic textbooks will be counted in the total number of references for credit. In addition to writing style, intellectual rigor will be assessed by the variety, depth and professional nature of the sources cited (i.e. professional magazines and journals will score higher than general interest sources and unsupported Internet items.


The cover of the research paper should include a one page Executive Summary of your research that will not be included in the page number count for the paper.

  • The Executive Summary should assume that you are presenting your work to the CEO of your company and should be written with that level of professional quality.
  • The summary should not just define what your topic is but should clearly state a synopsis of what you found and your own analysis of the research.
  • You should assume that the CEO would not want to read the entire paper and will instead want a summary of your research along with your recommendations for your organization based on what you found.


  1. Use the UMUC Information and Library Services online database collections to search for relevant articles related to your position using the link
  2. Your final paper should be 4 – 6 double-spaced pages, prepared in Word, along with an additional Executive Summary as your cover page. You must have a minimum of 10 sources no less than two scholarly journals included. Sources should not be more than 10 years old and at least half should be not more than 2 years old. All citations and references should be formatted in accordance with APA 6th edition guidelines.
  3. Refer to the grading rubric in the course resources module.

Below is a list of suggested topics for the Research Paper. Other topics are encouraged but should be approved by the instructor prior to the end of Week 4 of the class.

  1. Intelligence and Executive Recruitment: Cognitive Ability Tests in selection has become a hot topic in regards to recruiting executives and is seen by many as the main predictor of success.
  2. Economic Climate and Recruitment: The job market has changed dramatically over the last 3 years with the economic challenges. Research the impact of this on staffing and recruiting.
  3. Recruiting in a Globalized Economy. The effect of globalization on the job market in the U.S.
  4. The impact of proper selection methods on retention or discuss current popular testing methods used for selection and their validity.
  5. Diversity Issues: There is a variety of different topics around diversity – how to encourage diversity, the advantages of a diverse workforce, a look at company’s that have diversity programs, or how to implement a diversity program.
  6. Recruiting Top Talent: The trend has been to focus on hiring for talent rather than experience. A variety of research topics could center on this from why this trend, to how to select for talent, and how to interview for talent.
  7. Aging Population and the effect of the Baby Boomers nearing Retirement on Recruitment
  8. The Internet and Recruiting: How has the Internet and Social Media changed the world of recruiting.
  9. Hiring the Veteran – look at the advantages, impact on the job market, what does the future job market look like for veterans, etc.
  10. Job Competencies – How are job competencies different today, what skills are most valuable to today’s workforce, pick an industry and discuss competencies required and how to best select for those competencies.
  11. New Technologies – how have new technological interventions affected the recruitment process.
  12. Metrics and Recruiting and Staffing – the importance of metrics on HR and connecting this area to the strategic initiatives of the organization, how to improve reporting and metrics to provide impact.
  13. Scorecards – What metrics should be included, how to implement, value of metrics to overall strategy.
  14. Case Study – looks at your organization and provide an analysis of current practices in recruiting and possible need for improvement.
  15. Employment Branding – what are the benefits, how does it impact recruiting efforts.
  16. Assessment Tests for fit – what tests are available for testing for cultural fit and their validity and reliability and impact on retention.
  17. Cultural fit – is it necessary for success or risks associated with creating a homogeneous organization – legal ramifications and impact on growth and innovativeness.

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