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4 page APA format essay

. A written 4 page Essay with a Title Page (not counted as a
Page). You should use a minimum of 3-4 sources from the
course in your Case Assignment.

Use the Case of John and Carla to explain how you can help
this couple to avoid ‘bad couple’s therapy,’ per Dr. Doherty,
and how the couple would fare in Dr. Gottman’s Love Lab.
Assess your patients in terms of what you will have learned in
the course up until Week 4. You also will need to pay close
1 / 5
attention to the topic of interracial and intercultural aspects
and how this may impact presenting issues and therapy.

The case assignment will be attached for you to read about john and carla. Please read it ALL THE WAY THROUGH. Below I will put some likes that you will need in order to do the assignment correctly.


“Gottman’s ‘Sound Relationship House’” Retrieved from

“Gottman’s Four Horsemen” Retrieved from

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