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character analysis of how the character has changed from the beginning of the story to the end


I would like from you to write a paper based on the requirements that I explained below

Also, please note that I already started the paper and I attached it here. So, see what I wrote and continue writing the paper from that..

Assignment: Write a 500 word to 700 word character analysis on a character from “St. Lucy’s Home for Girls Raised by Wolves”. You need to assert an argument about the character, use clear evidence from the story for evidence, and have grammatically appropriate sentences and proper spelling. You will also need a Works Cited page for this assignment – so please be sure to PROPERLY cite the story in the paper.
Format: Your paper must be formatted in MLA, double spaced, with proper heading and running header.
Citation: You need to be able to properly cite the story as your source. Your source page WILL NOT be counted in the word count above.
Grading: You will be graded on the following:
30 points for articulating a clear argument and having clear organization throughout your analysis
50 points for evidence and analysis of that evidence from the story
20 points for proper grammar, spelling, and appropriate MLA formatting

Here is a link to the story so you can read it

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