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How to sell a franchise a business

Review the Andrew Friedman’s You-Tube Video on how to sell a franchise a business. In addition, review the other assigned reading for the week.

Consider the business that you discussed in your week 6 learning activity. Now that they have followed your (hypothetical) advice and have franchised their business, they must start selling franchises to franchises as they are no longer just a small business owner, they are now a FRANCHISOR. What type of person should this FRANCHISOR try to sell their franchises to? How do suggest the FRANCHISOR market and sell their franchises (consider Andrew Friedman and Homsey’s suggestions)?

minimum of 200 words

You must cite at least 2 of this week’s assigned readings using APA-formatted in-text citations and references listings.

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  • Siebert, M. (2011, April 1). Want to be the next Subway? Avoid these costly franchisor mistakes. Entrepreneur. Retrieved from
  • Homsey, H. H. (2008 April). When all else fails, go make a sales call! Franchising World. Retrieved from…

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