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Public Health Policy and Disaster Performance Evaluation

In Chapter 12, Landesman talks about post-disaster assessments and post-disaster priorities. Describe and briefly discuss an example of a real-world post-disaster assessment and a post-disaster priority. Reference the literature citation, website or whatever else you used to substantiate your answer (i.e. the answer can not be theoretical or based on personal experience alone).


Textbook assignments

1. Ciottone chapters 61 and 62

2. Landesman chapter 13: Public Health Considerations in Recovery and Reconstruction

3. Landesman chapter 14: Evaluation Methods for Assessing Public Health Response and Medical Response to


4. Landesman chapter 15: Ethical Considerations in Public Health Emergencies

Journal Articles and other readings

1. Matthew Sztajnkrycer et al. Unstable Ethical Plateaus and Disaster Triage.Ethics and DIsasters.pdf

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