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Research methods in Psychology mini lab report on online facial recognition experiment. 2 pages APA style. References included.

For this assignment, I participated in an online experiment on facial recognition. Using the data that I gave you and my statistics from the analysis, you will write a short lab report (2-3 pages) in APA style consisting of an Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion, and References.

Doing the experiment online is only to give you an idea of how the experiment works. You will write the mini lab report as if you were the researcher who conducted the experiment.

You may use this article by Rehman and Herlitz (2007) as a reference in your report: Facial Recognition Article


males : 5,5,8,5,6,7,4,5,3,4,8,5,10,6,5,5,8,7,5,6

females: 9,8,7,7,9,8,8,8,9,10,7,9,8,9,7,9,8,7,9,7,

My experiment results : 9 out of 10

additional references…

The experiment

The exercise consisted of 10 facial recognition activities. In each activity a grouping of faces briefly appeared on the screen. Then a single face would appear on the screen which may or may not have been a part of the grouping previously displayed. You are then given the option (YES) or (NO) to pick if the face was to your recollection was a part of the grouping. Yo are immediately received feedback on if you are correct or not. A score out of 10 is received at the end of the exercise based of the number of correct guesses. (My score: 9/10)

note* the screen always displayed 5 different male faces at random. Some repeated themselves in the subsequent lineups while others did not.

note* the rubric asks to include at least one table in the methods section: Im guessing using statistical data, similar to that seen in the reference articles.

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