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Select one of the treatment approaches below and provide 750-1000 word essay

Select one of the treatment approaches below and provide a brief description of the treatment for learning disorders that includes a discussion on evidence based practice (EBP) or best practice behind the treatment. A total of two cited references ( I attached a few to use if you so choose) are required, one discussing the EBP. Your completed paper should be 750-1,000 words.

  • Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)
  • Family therapy and support groups
  • Pivotal Response Training (PRT)
  • Discrete Trial Training (DTT)

All Original Work, NO PLAGIARISM in the APA Style. An abstract is not required.

This assignment uses a rubric (see attached). Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.


Kohli, A., Sharma, S., & Padhy, S. K. (2018). Specific Learning Disabilities: Issues that Remain

Unanswered. Indian journal of psychological medicine, 40(5), 399–405.

Peters, L., & Ansari, D. (2019). Are specific learning disorders truly specific, and are they

disorders? Trends in Neuroscience and Education, 17. https://doi-

Berninger, Virginia & May, Maggie. (2011). Evidence-Based Diagnosis and Treatment for

Specific Learning Disabilities Involving Impairments in Written and/or Oral Language.

Journal of learning disabilities. 44. 167-83. 10.1177/0022219410391189.

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