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Strategic Leadership

I have attached the one references and provided several websites. no plagiarize, spell check, and check your grammar. Please only use only the references I provided. The person you will be writing about is Steve Jobs

Leaders must take important steps to ensure that change is accepted and embraced by subordinates. The Yukl (2013) text describes constraints that executives may feel when attempting to implement change within an organization. In addition to this required reading material, locate two peer-reviewed articles about strategic leadership and change. Then, use the Internet to evaluate the strategic leadership practices of a leader or leaders within an organization of your choosing. Be sure you select an organization for which you can find sufficient information to complete the assignment.

Examine some of the potential internal and external constraints that leadership may be experiencing within your chosen organization. Analyze what the leadership is doing right, based on your readings and research. Then, provide suggestions for any improvement in strategy that may be helpful for the leadership. Your paper should be 1500-words (6 pages in length, excluding title and references pages).


Normy Rafida Abdul Rahman, Mohd Zainul Fithri Othman, Mohd Shukri Ab Yajid, Siti Fatimah Abdul Rahman, Abdul Malek Yaakob, Ridzuan Masri, … Zairina Ibrahim. (2018). Impact of strategic leadership on organizational performance, strategic orientation and operational strategy. Management Science Letters, Vol 8, Iss 12, Pp 1387-1398 (2018), (12), 1387.……

Yukl, G. (2013). Leadership in organizations (8th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson/Prentice Hall

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