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public relations

The Part II of this final project involves creating a visual story or infographics of your project. Treat this infographic presentation as a visual storyboard that you will use to brief the CEO of the target organization in terms of assessing the organization’s strategic public relations/communication practices.

You are in charge of how to present your research as a compelling story through infographics.

First, decide the purpose(s) of this infographic.

As a communication consultant for the target organization, what would you like to focus on in your “story” (i.e., infographic)?

Do you plan to focus on the assessment of the target organization’s strategic public relations programs?

Do you want to focus on the recommendation suggested by the findings of your research?

Do you want to highlight the effective public relations/communication practices of the target organization?

Or anything else? Second, think about what/how you can put together other parts of this “story” in order to lead to the “story’s” climax or peak, namely the primary focus that you decide in previous step.

What would be an interesting beginning of this story?

What can you do to pave the way to naturally lead your target audience (i.e., CEO & other decision makers) to the crest of your story?

How would your compelling story end?

Next, create your story visually through an infographic platform. Choose an infographic site from the options below or another one of your own preference: § § § § §

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