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answer all these questions from the book

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answers should not be shorter than 70-100 words

Chapter 12

1. What arguments were made in support of the equal rights amendment.

2. What arguments were made in opposition to the equal rights amendment.

Chapter 11

How has social media influenced the coverage of issues of race and ethnicity?

Chapter 9

How does the judicial nomination and confirmation process influence racial and ethnic minority representation on the federal bench?

Chapter 13

1. What are interest groups and what do they do?

2. What tactics and strategies do interest groups use?

Chapter 15

How does the electoral College Work?

Chapter 5

Why is President Trump’s DACA reversal so controversial?

Chapter 4

To what extent does the First Amendment protect hate speech?

Chapter 8

What are some of the measures that the federal government has used to increase diversity in the federal bureaucracy?

To what extent have those measures been successful?

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