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Research several Non Profit organizations

Task 1: Locate a NPO with a PR Nightmare

In order to successfully complete this task:

  • Research several NPOs using these lists: lovetoknow or topnonprofits (or any other NPOs).
  • Identify a single NPO that is battling one or more negative public perceptions.
  • Find 3 sources discussing the NPOs public relations (PR) nightmare.

Non-profit organizations (NPOs) are usually designed to to help in some way. Donations of money, and time, and estates are what keep these organizations in business. They grow when their brand/name has a higher approval rating. As soon as they do something that hurts their public perception, their donations dwindle and their ability to help is effected.

You will select a client that is both a non-profit organization AND a “public relations nightmare.” Finally, you will prove they are in trouble with the public and possible donors by finding three (3) articles, videos, or other sources that explain your client’s negative public image.

On the discussion board below, under the heading Task 1, post the name of your NPO client as well as a 2-3 sentence explanation of their negative public perception. Finally, using active hyperlinks, share at least three sources. For each source, please give a short, one sentence explanation per source describing how the source backs up the negative public image your client has.

Task 2: Writing a Short Media Analysis & Media Strategy

In order to successfully complete this task:

For this written task, you will focus on the non-profit organization that you identified above in Task 1. Thoroughly consider the media problems surrounding the organization. Spend some time brainstorming ideas that use media to change what “the masses” think about your client. Use your research to address the following prompts:

  • From a media analysis perspective, what is the most negative characteristic or public perception of the organization you researched? Explain your findings. (100-200 words)
  • Suggest a possible media strategy, campaign, or media driven plan, for combating the organization’s negative characteristic or public perception. Explain your suggestions. (200-300 words)

Please do not discuss how the NPO should change policy. Media strategists can’t make policy change, we only only attempt to change the way people think about our client’s policy.

Remember to use a professional writing style and refrain from sharing personal opinions unless asked for. Your responses should be based on information you discovered while researching your non-profit organization (NPO). The word count of 300-500 words must be adhered to. However, it is even more important to demonstrate that you engaged the material deeply, and that you are able to use what you read and watched, to back up what you write.

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