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Risk analysis

Use APA format, and all references.

Write a project on risk involve in Patient portal integration. Follow the following guidelines below .


In an effort to better serve the needs of our patients, by empowering then to take an even more active role in their health care, G2 Medical Center has embark on a project to implement a Patient Portal Integration into their Electronic Healthcare Record system. When completed, the project will enable all G2 Medical Center patients to have secure 24-hour access to their personal health information and provide tools that will make it easier for patients to engage with their health providers via the web or on their mobile devices.

The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) should be able to help you identify project risks.

a) Identify at least one to two risks

b) Describe each of the risk

c) Identify whether the risk is High, Medium, or Low

d) Describe mitigation plans for each risk.

Risk analysis is usually in a tabular form for easy readability. Here is a link to an EHR risk assessment: This is an EHR risk assessment but you can use this as a guide to develop the risk assessment/analysis for patient portal.

This link is a good example of project risk analysis (though not specifically for patient portal):

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