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week 5 response: Socialization Practices and Agents

Respond to at least one of your colleagues’ posts and explain how the socialization practices and agents he or she described compare with those of the culture you researched. Your response posts should also contain scholarly citations and references.

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources. Use proper APA format and citations.

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avatar 150Kastina Hayes

RE: Discussion – Week 5


Main Question Post. The process in which individuals develop a sense of gender through society and their environment is known as gender socialization (Wharton, 2005). Kretchmar (2018) believed that parents play a significant role in gender socialization. The way parents interact with their children separates the children by gender. For instance, a father who plays “catch” with his son would suggest that boys play sports. Similarly, a mother who plays dress up with her daughter suggest that girls wear dresses, make-up, and high-heels. Socialization agents are influential aspects that shape a person’s development. According to Laureate Education [Producer] (2017b), many aspects, especially culture, are socialization agents.

African Culture

Adedeji and Onyibor (2012) explained that the African culture is very strong and all Africans have many of the same ideas, philosophies, and core values. Religion and morality are very important to the African culture (Adedeji & Onyibor, 2012). Though the diversity in Africa may be significant, all Africans share the same common worldviews (Adedeji & Onyibor, 2012).

Gender Socialization Practices

Fonchingong (2006) found that gender socialization practices in the African culture separates males from females by painting the picture of males being brave and strong, and females being submissive, wives, and mothers. Gender socialization transitions young girls to domestic duties early on in life (Fonchingong, 2006). For instance, girls are expected to cook and do housework, while boys are groomed to be the man of the house. Additionally, females do not attend school (Fonchingong, 2006). Girls help to support the household while boys are educated to become leaders. According to Fonchingong (2006), females bear children and they serve as a helping-hand to their husbands.

Influence of Gender Role Development

These practices influence gender role development because the African society clearly illustrates the roles of males and females. Therefore, when people are growing and developing in a culture, they learn how to behave based on modeling. Helgeson (2017) agreed that modeling influences gender-related behavior. Modeling means that people observe the behavior of others and model or replicate that behavior. Thus, young males model the behavior they experience from their fathers, and young females model the behavior they experience from their mothers. This modeling behavior creates a cycle and the African culture continues to build strength.


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