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answer the following questions for 250 words for EACH QUESTION with citation.

Ism (1) Define a data warehouse and provide a few reasons it can make a manager more effective.

Fin3400 (2) First, spend a couple of sentences summarizing the Concepts in Action video you watched this week. Then, answer the following. In the Concepts in Action video you watched this week, what do you think the president of the bagel company mean when they called the Atkins diet unsystematic risk (note that risk here refers to financial risk, not health risk)? Do you agree with them? Explain why or why not.

Hsc4500 (3) Mandatory vaccination of public school students is required to prevent the spread of highly infectious diseases. Some states are considering adding the HPV vaccine to list of mandatory vaccines for middle school students. HPV is a sexually transmitted disease that has been linked to the development of cervical cancer. Do you think that the HPV vaccine should be mandated? Make sure to support your opinion with data. The CDC website and article (“Close to Half of American Adults Infected with HPV, Survey Finds”) may help. You can also do your own research.

Man4120 (4) “What are some pressures you face as a student that challenge your ability to do the right thing? Do you expect to face more or fewer pressures as a leader? Discuss what some of these pressures might be.”

hsa4109 (5) Why is it important to make the distinction between provider payment and provider reimbursement? Discuss the distinctions using examples of provider reimbursement.

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