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ASSIGNMENT 1- Read the article Fostering High-Leverage Family Engagement.

In this article, you will learn about a project and strategies implemented to help build family literacy at the pre-K–5 level, which, in turn, improved students’ oral language ability and literacy levels for English Language Learners.

Step 2 Reflect on the article as you think about how to engage your ELLs’ family in the school system.

Step 3The hallway workshop is one strategy, presented in the article, for family literacy that will support language literacy development at home.

Prepare an Action Plan that includes:

  • Goal of the Action Plan
  • One strategy for family literacy and language development
  • Frequency
  • Outcome

Copy the Action Plan into a Word document to submit for this assignment.


Step 1

Read the Article Access for ELLs 2.0.

  • Read pages 1-5 Purpose of Access for ELLs 2.0
  • Read pages 12-15 Reporting ResultsThis report presents a wealth of data documenting the technical properties of ACCESS for ELLs®. The report presents information on reliability of test scores and the accuracy and consistency of proficiency level classifications. For most test users, the overall composite proficiency score, based on performances in Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing, is the major score used for making decisions about gains in student proficiency, exiting from language support services, and for Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives (AMAOs).
Step 2

Complete the Access for ELLs Template.

Step 3 What will you do to support the student in your classroom?

Copy the Access for ELLs activity into a Word document to submit for this assignment.

ASSIGNMENT 3- Reflection and Application of Learning

Consider how the content information and readings from this Module may affect your teaching. Using information from this Module, share in your reflective discussion post how each of the following connects to accomplished teaching and your professional practice.

  • Describe strategies you may incorporate into your professional practice that capitalize on the use of school, home, and community resources to enhance ELLs’ 1. emotional well-being; 2. school adjustment; and 3. academic performance.
  • Describe examples of culturally sensitive alternative assessment instruments for ELLs and how you would employ the use of these assessments.
  • Describe some methods to recognize the difference between language proficiency and content-based academic knowledge.
  • How can a teacher, social worker, or psychologist become aware of community resources which provide assistance or may benefit ELLS and their families? How can they learn about community resources that assist ELLs to gain admittance to special programs?
  • Describe how you can demonstrate your ability to work cooperatively with the school community. How can you express to the school community that their participation is wanted and needed by the school?

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