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Discussion Response 2

LaTonya Busby

RE: Discussion – Week 8 Main Post


Using Process Maps for Quality Assessment and Improvement

Quality improvement is the new science of health care, and patients expect a culture of safety from their health care providers (Cookson, Read, Mukherjee, & Cooke, 2011). Process mapping is a tool used in process improvements that help to identify existing problems, areas that were missed or still need adjustment to be effective. Process mapping in health care involves following patients through their hospital journey and documenting every interaction they have with the hospital system (DeGirolamo, 2018). The process by which we use this tool can significantly improve patient outcomes and patient satisfaction. A process map can be used in developing strategies to minimize medication errors. The map can begin the process of identifying contributing factors, individuals involved, how the error could have been avoided, and steps taken to prevent the errors from happening again. The tool should be easy to read, and provide the knowledge needed to initiate changes to improve health issues (Abubakker, 2010).

Healthcare professionals and system failures can contribute to medication errors. Applying the process map to minimize medication errors would include the use of measuring the errors, analyzing the cause, developing process improvement, and maintaining control to aid in prevention. During the process, it is important to involve leaders and managers so they can provide input and make suggestions for improvement. Medication errors are preventable by using strategies such as barcode scanning, and computerized physician order entry (CPOE). Bar code scanning ensures that the right patient receives the right drug, and CPOE reduces prescription errors because it is designed to send notifications about allergies, drug interactions, and medical history (Aldehafeeri, & Alamatrouk, 2019). These strategies are important when using a process map to improve outcomes in health care.


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