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Fix My Work

I have uploaded my work related to “Entrepreneurship: Creativity & Innovation” in word file named “My Work”.

Fix the work based on the comments below:


Summary What you did (not include all of the business) was include to all of the business

Question 2:

Part a

What did Saif do in order for the business to succeed (focus on the strengths of success) and not focus on the challenges in this question

Part b

Write why important to plan carefully before start business?

Writing is more about planning, and the word planning must be present

Question 3:

Part b

The beginning of the answer to the question will be a good funding from Riyada ( to support his business

Question 4:

Part a

Clarify the answer that Saif responded to the needs of society

Part b

Not writing general information and writing about the business itself how marketing his business

(What does Saif do to market the business?)


*** I have uploaded file named “My Work”.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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