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GIS Written Assignment 3

Answer each of the following questions on the promise and peril of resource management. Your answer to each item should be an essay of 700 words. (With a typical font and spacing, this comes to between 1½ and 3 pages.) It is recommended that you refer to outside sources as you consider these issues. Be sure to document your sources correctly.

1. How are the strategic resources of food, water, and energy interrelated? How will improved living standards increase demand for these resources? How can countries develop sustainable strategies for ensuring the availability of these resources for human health and economic growth?

2. Despite skyrocketing demand for energy, a transition from fossil fuels to alternative sources of energy on a large scale is not expected to occur in the short term. Why? What actions could be taken to speed this transition? What is the long-term cost of a gradual versus a rapid move to alternatives? Include the issue of climate change in your discussion.

Please read the notes on the assignment below

You are to include climate change in your answers.

Each question should have their own introduction.

Climate change has the potential to impact some of the global challenges in this course. The

Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) ( issues periodic

reports on climate change. The last major report was published on November 2, 2014. You

do not need to read the report itself. You can browse through the following links:

1. Press Release (2 pages)…

2. 5 Key Takeaways From the Latest Climate Change Report (commentary by National


See also

3. 11 ways climate change affects the world…


4. The Panel approved the outlines of two reports to be finalized in September 2019.

These are:

a) Special Report on Oceans and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate, and

b) Climate Change and Land: an IPCC special report on climate change,

desertification, land degradation, sustainable land management, food security,

and greenhouse gas fluxes in terrestrial ecosystems.

Question: What do you think of the United States withdrawing from the

Paris Agreement?

Climate reality requires starting at home: Weaning from fossil fuels…

Study: Climate change can be reversed by planting a forest nearly double the size of the US…

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