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Marketing Plan Presentation


Record a narrated –10 slide PowerPoint presentation that includes your assessment, plan, action steps, cost-benefit analysis, insights, and recommendations. The presentation should not exceed five minutes.


Questions to Consider:

  • What are examples of performance indicators and performance measures for each of the four facets of the balanced scorecard?
  • What is the feasibility of a loss leader service line within the context of an entire health care system?
  • What types of milestones, subtasks, responsible parties, due dates, and other pertinent information should go into a simple marketing plan project timeline?


St. Anthony Medical Center’s leadership team is interested in your analysis, plan, action steps, and recommendations. They have scheduled five minutes for your presentation on the C-Suite calendar.

The marketing director has suggested that you include an appendix slide to your presentation that tells how you will implement the action steps, and who will be involved in execution of the proposed plan. By providing the suggested project management timeline, you will demonstrate leadership and position yourself as an obvious choice for involvement in the new initiative. Consider the visibility and networking opportunities for your career development that may result from this presentation—it may be the first time you have presented to the C-suite team!

Your marketing director has asked you to record a narrated PowerPoint presentation for review before the actual leadership meeting.

PowerPoint Presentation

Develop a PowerPoint presentation of your marketing plan that addresses all of the following areas of concern:

  • A synopsis of the external and internal environments.
  • Your labor and delivery service line marketing communication strategies—you must include the identification and use of a variety of marketing channels (social media, et cetera) that reach the organization’s targeted customer segments.
  • A conceptual-level approach.
  • An action plan with associated costs.
  • A final recommendation with rationale.
  • Addendum: Project implementation timeline. To promote buy-in for your marketing plan, you will need to provide a project implementation timeline with proposed leaders and performance measures for each task.

Finally, remember to present a persuasive case built on inclusion of evidence-based literature, model programs, and current environmental factors, including competitor activity.


Marketing Strategies

This article evaluates the professional growth from 2009 onwards of strategic marketing in mental healthcare in the Netherlands:

Review the following:

This article discusses maximizing health care marketing strategies using data and metrics:

This article investigates the marketing strategies of Chinese medical facilities:

Marketing Strategies

Review the following:

  • Main, E. K. (n.d.). Quality measurement in maternity services: Staying one step ahead [PDF]. Retrieved from…
  • National Partnership for Women & Families. (n.d.). Performance measurement and leveraging of results. Retrieved from…
Marketing Strategy Examples

Review the following:

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