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Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism Policy – Submit Files

This assignment has two purposes:

1. To ensure each student is familiar with the University’s policy regarding plagiarism

2. To provide a practice vehicle for submission of assignments with the LEO system

3. Assignments will be graded) and returned. However, this project is not included in the course score.

Each student is to read the information provided by the UMUC Library about plagiarism by going to the following site – UMUC Academic Integrity


Each student is to read the information provided by the UMUC policy found in our LEO Classroom under CONTENT -> SYLLABUS->Academic Policies -> Policies & Procedures


Compose a one or two paragraphs (minimum 150 words) that describes your understanding of the UMUC plagiarism policy and how you will abide by it.


Heading: Student’s Name, Name and Number of the Course, Date of submission

One (1) paragraph, double spaced, 12 font, 1 inch margins

The Statement should be an MS Word document attached to the Assignment Folder for Exercise Plagiarism Policy

Although it is a form of “self-plagiarism,” for the purpose of this assignment students may copy/paste the response to the Plagiarism Exercise they have submitted for other Criminal Justice classes.

NOTE: Project 1 will not be graded until/unless the Plagiarism Exercise is completed.

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