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Prejudice and Stereotypes


In the Unit 2 assignment, you will identify how prejudice and stereotypes impact employee morale and teamwork, and have an opportunity to apply human behavior concepts to a workplace situation.

Assignment Details:

Consider the eight steps to inclusion highlighted in this week’s readings and videos.Then answer the following two questions:

  • What are the eight steps to inclusion?Explain each step in more detail, specifically outlining what each step is supposed to do.
  • Do you believe this eight-step plan would work?Why or Why not?

Submission Requirements:

  • APA format is required, which includes:
    • Title page
    • 12pt. font in Times New Roman and double-spaced
    • Reference page, with in-text citations
  • Question #1 should have an answer of 1-2 pages or more in length.
  • Question #2 should have an answer of about 1 page or more in length.
  • Include an introduction and conclusion
  • The key here is to completely and successfully answer the questions, not just meet an arbitrary length assignment.Be clear in your answers and be thorough.

The article focuses on the 3 key stereotype threat mechanisms and how they impact business performance. Specifically, this article will challenge us to consider if we really know what bias or stereotypes we have, without even realizing that they impact our perceptions and the decisions we make.

  • Casad, B. J., & Merritt, S. M. (2014). The Importance of stereotype threat mechanisms in workplace outcomes. Industrial & Organizational Psychology, 7(3), 413-419.

This article provides evidence that people can have unconscious prejudices. However, this article goes a step farther, and will provide us many tips on how to prevent prejudices, stereotypes, and biases from influencing the decisions we make every day.

This article focuses on making a business case for diversity. Specifically, that there is a talent shortage that requires diversity, the need to relate to customers requires diversity, and finally that diverse teams simply produce better results.

This article focuses on our final topic of conversation for the week – barriers to diversity in the workplace. You will be introduced to key diversity terms and many diversity-focused coping strategies.

This article provides an excellent viewpoint of why prejudice is so hurtful to the workplace, and also provides some commonsense options to eliminate this.

1 Watch Video
Prejudice & Discrimination: Crash Course Psychology #39

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Added: 11/17/14

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Intro to Organizational Behavior.mp4

User: Reeve Bunn –
Added: 10/27/13

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This conversation focuses on our deep-rooted bias, stereotypes, and prejudice. It also focuses on how and when these behaviors turn into discrimination. If we are going to understand diversity, then we need to understand organizational behavior. This video will focus on the relationship between organizational behavior and diversity in the workplace.

1 Watch Video
Charting the Path Forward: Exploring Diversity & Inclusion

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Added: 11/9/11

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This video continues our unit 1 conversation, brought to us by Duke University. This time we are focusing on considering other’s perspectives and truly integrating diversity and inclusion in your own organizations.

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