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Project for Hospitality

You would love to work for a particular hospitality company, and you will tell the class all about it. Share

with the class everything that you have learned about your company: history, its inception, founders,

owners, managers, partners, organizational structure, products, services, vision, mission statement,

service philosophy, market base, customer base, demographics of employees, customers, location, sales

volume, challenges, growth areas, etc….

Project Requirements



Written essay research report about the company



pages, single spaced, Arial font, 12-point, 1-inch margins


Make sure to list your research references


Oral presentation of your PowerPoint presentation to the class

Oral Presentation and PowerPoint slides:

Present your company information to the class in PowerPoint


Consider the following points

while introducing and “selling’ your company (this is not an all inclusive

list—you may think of more):

Brief company history

Why did you select this company?

Type of business


Is it local, national or global?

What is the organizational structure? How many departments are there?

Who are the owners, their job titles, and what is their role in the company?

How many employees work there?

Are they profitable?

Who are the target markets, clients, customers, or guests?

What do they serve or do?

What distinguishes them from others in terms of service and quality?

What kind of management or leadership do they employ?

Who is the competition?

What is the potential for the future?

What are their operational challenges?

Is there something unique about this company that makes it special?


and have some fun with this project! The formats suggested above are not a cookie cutter

formula for presenting the information. You may think of creative, yet professional ways to present the

above information to the audience with other media such as photos, videos or audio.

Useful hospitality industry online resources to research information, careers, current


Information websites for hospitality/hotels:

Information websites for restaurants:

Information websites for travel and tourism:

Hospitality and general careers search websites:…

This project I chose Icloud Luxury Resort & Hotel

This is the website:

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