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Psychology Case Study Diagnosis Paper 5-7 Pages

So I need a 5-7 page paper following the guideline below in where I attached the file of this case of a girl named Jenna. Looks to me she has Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Please follow the directions and also if you search up this case on google, there are several helpful tools that can help in doing my paper. Here is a link that can help you:…

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Details of The Case Study and Assessment

You will review a case study provided later in class. You will be responsible
for reviewing the case, assigning a diagnoses and creating a treatment plan. You will also be
responsible for providing a rationale for the diagnoses, as well as a discussion of rule outs,
differential diagnoses. Differential diagnosis refers to all of the diagnostic categories that you
seriously considered during the diagnostic process. Because the symptoms present in the
case study suggest the possibility of several disorders, a thorough discussion of disorders
that you excluded is warranted. In other words, you should discuss why you assigned the
diagnoses that you did and why you ruled out others.
This process will require the student to:

1. Read the case study given by the professor based on a fictional patient describing the
medical history

2. Assess symptoms

3. Assess other potential problematic areas of the person’s life, such as social, spiritual,
emotional, cognitive, work/education level, physical

4. Identify diagnostic criteria based on DSM

5. Identify stressors

6. Give recommendations for treatment

7. Assess prognosis

8. Summarize results in a written statement

Format Outline: Written statement, 5-7 typed pages, double-spaced, no larger than 12-point,
Times New Roman font. Make sure you follow the directions carefully and fulfill all of the
above mentioned requirements. Don’t forget to be creative and have fun. All analyses must be typed in your own original writing. If you pass off others’ work as
your own, it constitutes academic dishonesty and will result in disciplinary action.

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